Please indicate if you have a specialized area of training i.e. accounting, play an instrument, coach a sport, youth life coaching/counseling etc. Thank you for your interest in sharing your time & talents with Teen Reach!

Our volunteers are saying …

“Hey!! The songwriting sessions were AMAZING!!! I will send you a copy of the music we created ASAP. Also, I would love to work with you on a more consistent basis in terms of reaching the youth with music. The October Event sounds Awesome … I’ll be there!”

“I am at a loss for words (from) this beautiful day. To love and serve about 60 amazing young children (I had the 16 year old boys and wonder if that was on purpose, lol) was more of a blessing for me. The doors that opened have me speechless. So many children’s lives will be better … The fun and memories were so worth the 8 hours in the rain!”

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