Parents want to know

How do you steer your children away from wanting to be around the bad kids and they are drawn to them?

How do you encourage your child to not curse and use foul language, when they tell you there is not a verse in the Bible stating it is wrong?

How do you encourage your kids to listen to inappropriate bad music?

One thought on “Parents want to know

  1. This answer speaks to all of the above questions really. It is not specific to them but is good advice for all areas where we want influence over our children’s lives. Spending quality time with them is essential. Being a good role model goes a long way in their lives. They may not show it, but they are looking to you for guidance. Even if it does not seem to show today, you are making an impact. Parents sometimes back off from parenting when the children start to grow up but really it is more important than ever that you are an active part of their lives. If all you do is try to correct them or lecture to them, they will back off even more. So pick your battles but increase your time with them. Find something you can do together and then make it a priority. This bond between the two of you will help influence them more than you know. It will also create a relationship so they can talk to you about the tougher stuff and feel like you will listen in a calm manner.

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