More About Us

Our Mission: to inspire youth to live life, loving,
serving & respecting themselves and one another.
We are dedicated to positive social change.
Believing every person matters and deserves
hope in their today’s and their tomorrows!

A statement from our founder:

The Teen Reach concept was born in memory of a loving, trusting, beautiful, smart, nationally ranked gymnast who became a withdrawn, angry fourteen year old who couldn’t talk about or cope with being assaulted.  Since 2011, the program has grown and developed as a result of feedback from the thousands of high school students I’ve spoken to about bullying, dating violence and self-harm prevention.

In addition to speaking engagements, we host events to hear from Sports figures and TV personalities and others who’ve overcome great obstacles to achieve their goals. We start open, honest, and sometimes tough conversations in a safe space, and learn how to cope by making healthy choices for dealing with stress, depression and seemingly insurmountable or overwhelming life circumstances.

Join us as we effect positive change.
“Not because Rana is gone, for that she lives on … ”

rise above